Aluminum railings in Minnesota are becoming more and more popular for the simple reason that there is almost no maintenance.

Did you know that Aluminum Railings are installed on over 90% of all decks in British Columbia, Canada?

Why? Because you will never have to manage or maintain them again, except for cleaning, periodically.

British Columbia’s climate is almost identical to Minnesota’s.

Aluminum Railings and Aluminum/glass Railings have been used on decks and pool enclosures and fencing starting in the 1970’s. Many of those railings are still around today and with a little updated powder coating, they would look brand new.

LDH Aluminum Railings meet and exceed all National and International Building Codes. They are manufactured under strict guidelines to ensure meeting Building code standards and importantly, the customer’s standards.

- LDH Railings are all Engineered and Certified
- They are powder coated to give a very long lasting finish.
- Aluminum railings will not rot, decay, rust or crack.
- They can withstand any weather climate

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LDH Aluminum is based out of British Columbia. We have several local contractors that will be able to serve you person to person. Show you the product and installation.

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